A Docu-Series Approach to your video marketing plan. Produced by PINE.

As my career as an artist evolves with experience out in the field, my inspirations change. The reasons for why I do what I do and how I want to do it, deepen. This happens to me time and time again through working out in the field, but even more so from watching other artist’s productions. I admire other film making teams and how their artwork is seen/shared. I pay attention to lighting techniques, editing styles, and interview environments. Then, I do my best to apply those production elements that I admire to my own artwork in my own style with my client’s subject matter as the primary focus. In other words, my recipe is getting more and more refined as well as simplified as my projects go on. The element that I have been focused on most of all are all the benefits that implementing a Continual Video Series approach can have on a company or brand when they invest in PINE to produce video projects for them… compared to the traditional “One and Done” approach.

The documentary approach to my productions has always been a major element to my style when producing videos for clients. I always believed that all in all, it isn’t my stories that people are watching and listening to. It is the stories of the people in front of the camera. I’m just providing comfortable, professional environments for those people to tell it so that I can ultimately share my understanding of it in ways that it benefits all parties involved during the entire process. The documentary style approach provides for a more in depth understanding of the content being shown. The final cuts are “As long as they are good”, as I like to say. Meaning that there isn’t a hard time limit to when the video “has” to end…unlike an advertisement. And when it comes to ethics, my primary goal is to introduce and educate, not to trick, scheme and take advantage of viewers.

In my eyes, the next step with video production for my clients is to implement Continual Episodes, or a series videos that feature very specific elements, or partners that make your company/ brand/ co-op unique. These are best used as monthly/quarterly/bi-annually video releases to your top tier community members, subscribers, and club members to reinforce brand loyalty through entertainment and by giving thanks to all the people that “make the magic happen”. The folks that live, eat and breath your brand and products will now have access to impactful, educational, and sharable content that deepens their love for the brand and what it stands for.

The types of companies, brands, and co-ops I hope to do this for are in the food and beverage industries, outdoor lifestyle, framing and agriculture, as well as artisans. If there is one thing I have learned during my last 10 years in this industry…it is that everyone does in fact have a story, and what the most recognizable brands all have in common is that they do not hesitate to showcase their stories in the most interesting ways possible. And right now, I believe that the most interesting way possible to share a story is through video production and great art in general that is derived from gratitude, first.

To learn more about how we can begin a Docu-Series that showcases the most impactful elements of your brand, please reach out in the contact form below.