My love and career in photography all started with cycling.  In High School, my friends and I would spend all day riding around town in Windsor, CA.  Building mountain bike jumps, hiking our 40+ lb downhill/freeride bikes up the mountains, and hitting up the corner stores for Arizona Iced Tea was our average day…And in the midst of all of that, I was taking photos of us doing it.

It’s important to remind yourself why is it is that you actually do something.  Especially when it comes to your career.  I love photography and I feel very fortunate to have found a passion/career at such a young age, but I still find the value in reminding myself of how I got started by scheduling fun shoots with my buddies out in the local Regional and State Parks.  These were all shot at our old favorite hot spot, Shiloh Regional Park.

These simple shoots are what I live for.  In a perfect world, I would just shoot fun, care-free projects like this for no pay and print the images solely to showcase them in a studio storefront just to share the artwork with the public.  There is no pressure.  No client that I am shooting for.  No ideas that are being compromised.  It is a collaborative event between myself, the riders, and a couple good beers.  This day, I was creating images of my good buddies, Bob Chandler and Will Folgeman.

With that…I thank you guys!  Thanks for reminding me of how simple it is, and reminding me to just “have fun”.  In the end, that is what its all about.