Mentorship During a Pandemic with The Vineyard Academy

Internship and mentorship opportunities played such a big role in my career along with field trips and other types of industry exploration. Most of which I was exposed to during High School during my time in the Vineyard Academy Program. The Vineyard Academy is a "Core" or focus area [...]

The All New Online Print Store

Along with my commercial work (PINE Photo and Video) I have tens of thousands of photographs that I have shot while on road trips, international trips, and in my hometown of Sonoma County CA. Recently, I have build and branded an Online Print Store where people can view and [...]


Over the past few months, I have been helping my dear friends over at Region in The Barlow get video and photo content together for their MAJOR launch coming up on the July 25th!  Give the website a peak to see what they are all about.   The story [...]

Purchase Canvas, Metal, and Wood Prints by Dan Quiñones Online!

We now have an online store that features all of my personal, non-client photography work!  While road tripping, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, and just living my outdoor lifestyle, I create images that I would love to see not just on a screen but up in my friends homes and [...]

Video Production Lighting Equipment with Pine Photo and Video

Light and Motion provides some of the best continuous lights that are out on the market.  When we are on set, we chose to use the Stella Pro Lights from Light and motion mostly because of their compact size, efficient battery life, and respectable power output. Check out our [...]