Our dream is now a reality thanks to Alec.  He put in the time studying and acquiring his credentials to become a well rounded, skilled, and most of all, safe pilot (both helicopter and fixed wing).  The possibilities for adventure in the future are nearly endless.

This past week, Alec flew us down to Southern California.  He had a class that took place in L.A. that he was planning on flying his Cessna 182 to, and he had mentioned that he had an extra seat.  So I hopped in it.  On his way to L.A., he took a slight detour to Santa Barbara to drop me off, and there I would stay with our good buddy and fellow photographer, Maxwell Frank as Alec continued on to L.A.  My visit in Santa Barbara lasted just a few days, but there I spent time visiting friends from Brooks Institute (the photography school I attended), catching up with one of my favorite teachers, Ralph Clevenger, reading and working at new coffee shops in town, trying new beer, and conceptualizing upcoming personal projects.

Needless to say, it was a refreshing break.  A little more spontaneous than usual… but it was a blast!  And I am super stoked to share these photos and eager to see where we end up next.