Internship and mentorship opportunities played such a big role in my career along with field trips and other types of industry exploration. Most of which I was exposed to during High School during my time in the Vineyard Academy Program. The Vineyard Academy is a “Core” or focus area that the Windsor High School offers to their students, along with many other industry specific cores. However, The Vineyard Academy focuses on career exploration for 11/12 students in the Culinary, Hospitality, and Tourism industries.

Traditionally, in a “normal” year, The Vineyard Academy would be loaded up with field trips and internship opportunities for the students all throughout the school year, but given the restrictions that the Pandemic has forced us to apply, the student were at a loss…that is until the brilliant teachers of the program got creative. That is when I was approach to produce a 12 video series featuring 12 local business owners such as Pizzaleah, Sonoma County Fire, Kin, KC’s, and even an executive chef at Cavallo Point. During the video production, we guided the business owners/interviewees through a series of questions pertaining to their stories in their specific industry. I would then shoot b/roll (supporting footage) and use both elements to compile a 10-20 minute episode that would act as a “Virtual Fieldtrip” . The student would then watch it as a lesson accompanied by the teachers and the interviewees as well for a Q and A.