Mandatory Blackout is an Imperial Porter style beer that was release by the Barrel Brothers Brewing Company in an attempt to reflect on the recent drama between PGE and theie involvement with the Kincade Fire (along with other fires in the recent years due to PGE).  But this approach is light, respectful, and could even be received as a way to bring some fun to the “new normal” of fire season.

Barrel Brothers Brewery and I have been working together for years and as of the past 3 months, I opened the new Pine Photo and Video Studio in the same business park as the brewery, so now it is extra easy for the both of us to collaborate on projects like this.  The sort of work that I get to do with Barrel Brothers is mostly product photography, both on white background for catalogs as well as conceptual product photography as shown here with Mandatory Blackout.

Daniel, one of the Barrel Brothers, came over to the studio one night with two four packs of the Mandatory Blackout Imperial Porter (one to photograph and one to drink!) and booked a product photo shoot with me right then and there.  That same night, he and I enjoyed a couple beers together while I built the set, moved the lights around, and shot the product.  Because he and I have worked together on projects like this for such a long time, it is relatively easy for us to “get into the creative groove” on the fly.

With that being said, here are the photos that we came up with.  The concept here is clearly based upon a play on the power outages that take place during fire evacuations and red flag warnings which usually results in candle light, drinking, and grouping together with other evacuated loved ones.  This set was primarily lit by candle light, but off to the right, I gelled the 24″ Westcott beauty dish powered by my Light and Motion Stella 7000 as used that combination as my edge light.  My fill light was front lighting the cans and for that I used my Light and Motion Stella 1000 paired with my 7′ Parabolic umbrella by Westcott Lighting.

To learn more about my processes, or especially to inquire about working together on photo and video projects, please contact me through my website homepage.