We now have an online store that features all of my personal, non-client photography work!  While road tripping, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, and just living my outdoor lifestyle, I create images that I would love to see not just on a screen but up in my friends homes and offices alike.

In this online gallery, you will find images from all over the world.  Shanghai China, Sequoia National Park, Mammoth CA, New Mexico, Arizona, Humboldt CA, Mendocino CA, Napa CA, and especially my hometown of Sonoma County, CA.

I hope that all kinds of viewers can feel my passion for the outdoors that is embedded into this artwork.  These images are created with the intent of going onto walls in homes and offices with the hopes that with just a glance at any of them in their printed form, the viewer will be able to transport to that specific place through their emotions and imagination.  They are created for the outdoor enthusiast trapped in their office.  For the Sonoma County Tourist that wants to take a piece of Sonoma County back to their everyday life. And even for the art illiterate that just want to spice up their work and living space.

Please feel free to visit the online store by clicking on this link.  Prices, sizes, and print options are can all be found here.


On the online store, you will also find another gallery that contains a selection of FREE Phone Wallpapers that you can download directly to your smartphone to be your lock or home screen background.  Enjoy and reach out if you have any questions.