What we’re up to:
Hi all!  Currently we are in Harrogate in North Yorkshire, England with our friends, Definition Films!  We are bouncing around from coffee shop to coffee shop to respond to your emails, edit your projects, and deliver final edits to your inbox.  Check out some of the images that we’ve been able to get so far on our international journey.  Next stop will be Bangalore, India on Saturday!  Follow our journey via Instagram!

Why we are here:

I teamed up with my friend, Justin Liddell with Definition Films to help him on an international video project.  We started on September 18th and so far we have had production days that consisted of shooting beautiful interviews of individual employees and executives that cherish the loyalty from their employer which is company called Covance.  Since the 18th, we have spent three days in Madison Wisconsin, four days in Indianapolis, Indiana and now we are in a town called, Harrogate in North Yorkshire, England shooting both interviews and supporting footage (B-Roll) inside of the medical testing labs.

These interviews have been such a treat to produce.  The executives and employees that we talk to have been excited to share their gratuity to Covance for being such a loyal employer, details about the growth opportunities that Covance has provided for them, an also their personal reasons for choosing Covance.

In a nutshell, Covance is a one stop shop for drug development…everything from testing to marketing.  Unlike other similar companies, Covance has the abilities to bring live changing drugs to fruition from start to finish with a mission that is deep, personal, and definitely passionate; and those values are clearly company-wide.

So far, we have heard personal stories from employees that have experienced the benefits of these life changing drugs first hand.  Everything from children, parents, grandparents, and friends dealing with Cancer and other life threatening diseases/illnesses that have either completely beat the illness or have had more time on this earth as a result of taking the drug that Covance helped develop.

With that being said, our journey continues to Bangalore India. Justin and I head there on Saturday, Shanghai China, Munich Germany, and Geneva Switzerland to dig even deeper into these interviews.  These interviews will be compiled into an internal HR campaign that will ultimately be used for recruitment and feed the existing personal connection between employees, executives, and the Covance as a whole.

Here are some photos from Harrogate so far.  Coffee shop location: Hoxton North

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