Come join Pine founder, Dan Quinones, his friends, family and colleagues as he showcases his personal portrait series: Faces With Character.

Dan is a portrait photography expert that has been classically trained at the prestigious Brooks Institute where he achieved the special recognition award.  While owning and growing Sonoma County’s expert level Photo and Video Production Company, he also makes time for her personal art project, and the Faces With Character Portrait Series is one of them.  This portrait series has been shown at Barrel Brothers Brewing Company, Cooperage Brewing Company, and also presented by Dan at a Duarte TalkShop down in Santa Clara in front of some of the Duarte Ad Agency’s team.

During that TalkShop at Duarte, Dan went in depth about where the project stemmed from, the lighting and composition techniques he used while creating the portraits, as well as a Q and A with the audience.  Check out the full video of the TalkShop below.

Recently, Dan was invited to showcase this portrait series alongside a handful of over artists over at a Keller Street CoWork.  Keller street and Dan have build a great relationship since the conception stage of the Co-Working Concept at Keller Street.  Dan was referred over to Design Guild Founders and members, Christine Walker and Danielle Stroble.  Since the introduction, Dan consulted for them and help design, build out, and spec out the equipment list for the in-house photo and video studio/gear rental portion of the space.  Now, the space provides local and international photographers with a professional, large, and proper space to produce large and small scale projects under one roof.

We hope to see you there!