Sonoma County Wine Month is such a great way for our community to celebrate the wine industry as a whole.  Everything from farming to distribution to consumption, the month of October is the time to come together and enjoy the fruits of the labor.

We were contracted to work along side the creative directors over at Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Gallo, Frei Brothers, and the Sonoma County Vinters to create a series of videos that give insight on the love for Sonoma County Wine Country.  Through this video, we interviewed wine makers, chairmen, and the President of Francis Ford Coppola Winery regarding their passion for wine making as well as why people all over the world should not only visit Sonoma County Wine Country…but even more so purchase it while introducing the concepts of conjunctive labeling.

This series of photos shows the various sets and lighting scenarios that we created around the interviewees to ensure that the most flattering lighting patterns were in place as well as the best sound quality for the given locations that we were in.

Sound engineer on set: David Minard with Tony Glow Photo

For video production within the Sonoma County Wine Country, please send us a message through the homepage on our website.  We would love to create some artwork alongside your creative/marketing departments.